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History Channel: Video Sarawak menewaskan Selangor Piala Sumbangsih 1998

Zaman kegemilangan Sarawak sebelum FAM menghentikan penggunaan pemain import =)

Goal Scored by: Ramos Sari (2 goal) & Alistair Edwards

Piala Sultan Ahmad Shah milik siapa?

KEHANGATAN aksi kembali lagi, lebih mendebarkan menerusi cabaran baru yang mengiringi perlawanan pembuka tirai Perdana Satu 1998 termasuk pertemuan Sumbangsih antara Sarawak dengan Selangor bagi merebut Piala Sultan Ahmad Shah, di Kuching, malam ini.

Musim ini ternyata banyak berubah, menyaksikan Perdana Satu terpaksa merelakan perpisahan empat pasukan, Melaka, Johor, Kelantan dan Terengganu yang beraksi dalam Perdana Dua sambil mengucapkan Selamat Datang kepada pasukan baru, Olimpik 2000.

Dengan tumpuan utama kepada perlawanan Sumbangsih, corak permainan lampau mungkin menjadi senjata dua pasukan, skuad Bumi Kenyalang dan ''Red Giants'' dalam pertemuan, di Stadium Sarawak.

Tidak banyak perubahan dalam kesebelasan skuad Selangor, jurulatihnya tetap sama, Steve Wicks, kecuali kehadiran bekas pemain import Perlis, Alexander Freeman yang mengambil tempat Christoper Kiwomya serta pentadbiran baru di bawah pengurus Datuk Mokhtar Ahmad.

Begitu juga dengan Sarawak, masih dilatih oleh Alan Vest manakala Alistair Edwards dan Billy Bone turut disenaraikan semula, cuma David Evans yang mengalami kecederaan terpaksa digantikan Doug Ithier.

Walaupun kehilangan seorang lagi tonggak, penyerang ''lipas kudung,'' Affendi Julaihi, Sarawak diselamatkan oleh pemain yang dilabel ''bernilai'' RM9.95, Bobby Chua.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Manchester United agree fee with Arsenal for Robin van Persie

The biggest transfer saga of the summer looks close to completion after both teams announced that the forward will undergo a medical on Thursday ahead of a move.

Robin Van Persie

Last season's Premier League top goalscorer will travel to Manchester on Thursday to add the finishing touches and complete a medical ahead of the move.

Van Persie, who had expressed his desire not to renew his contract at the Emirates Stadium after being disillusioned with Arsenal's plans for the future, is reportedly due to sign a four-year deal at Old Trafford for a fee of £24 million. reported earlier on Wednesday thatthe Red Devils had finally made a breakthrough in negotiations during the previous night, with add-ons included to closer approach the Gunners' asking price.

A statement on Arsenal's official website read: "Arsenal Football Club can confirm that terms have been agreed for the transfer of Robin van Persie to Manchester United.

"Van Persie will travel to Manchester on Thursday in order to agree personal terms and complete a medical ahead of the proposed move."

The Netherlands international is likely to spearhead a formidable attack for the Red Devils, as Wayne Rooney finished behind the 29-year-old with 27 league strikes last season.

Manchester City and Italian giants Juventus were also thought to be interested in Van Persie's signature but the Dutchman looks set to join former Crewe youngster Nick Powell and Japan international midfielder Shinji Kagawa as Sir Alex Ferguson's summer recruits.

"Manchester United is pleased to announce it has reached agreement with Arsenal Football Club for the transfer of Robin van Persie," the Old Trafford side declared on their official website.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crocs on the rampage - Wins 13-0 against ATM

ON SONG: Guy Bwele (right) vies for the ball against one of the ATM players and goalkeeper during the friendly match.— Photos by Mohamad Rais Sanusi

Hapless ATM get a 13-0 thrashing in friendly match

Bobby Gonzalez
KUCHING: A full-strength Sarawak football team scored one of their biggest wins with a 13-0 thrashing of the Malaysian Armed Forces team in a friendly last Saturday at Stadium Negeri.

All eyes were on re-signed hitman Bobby Gonzalez who did not disappoint the crowd with a superb hat-trick in the one-sided rout.

The Sabah-born striker who scored 16 goals for the Crocs in the 2011 Premier League season will play for Sarawak in the coming Malaysia Cup on a three month loan deal.

In the warm-up match last weekend, Bobby showed the fans why the state team misses his goal poaching skills.
Chief coach Robert Alberts praised his performance but insisted that Bobby has yet to reach 100 per cent match fitness. He added a fit Bobby Gonzalez will have the potential to trouble the opposition team in Group D of the Malaysia Cup.

“I am satisfied with the new players. Bobby needs to play more and Ronny Harun did well too,” commented Robert Alberts.

Alberts continued that he was satisfied with the team’s overall performance.
They are starting to gel with the new players and did lots of attacking runs. Such hunger for success and display of hard work are vital for their quest to win the silverware.

The head coach enthused that the friendly match was obviously a good warm-up for Malaysia Cup. The Crocs are seriously focussing on the competition after a disappointing 2012 Malaysia Super League (MSL) league season.
Commenting on the Crocs’ chances in the Malaysia Cup competition, Alberts noted that the team’s performance in the MSL must not be reflected on the coming competition. To him, the Malaysia Cup is a completely different scenario.

“The match against ATM is important as we wanted to asses the new players today (last Saturday). We need to see how well the new players fit to our style of play and game plan,” he added.

Besides Bobby, skipper Guy Bwele and Joel Epalle each scored a hat-trick for the Crocs.

To add salt to ATM’s wound, they even scored an own goal that night. Other names on the scorers list include K. Ravindran and Ronny Harun.

However, the ATM team which Sarawak played last weekend was however not the same ATM team who will play in the MSL next year.

The team was instead made up of locally based players from Kuching, Sibu and Miri which will see action at the coming 2012 Sarawak Cup competition.

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Juh main Futsal di Vikings Futsal Stadium, Kuching

Berita baik buat peminat tegar sukan Futsal di Kuching.. Vikings Futsal Stadium secara rasminya telah beroperasi sejak 10 Ogos yang lepas.. 

Apa yang menarik tentang court Futsal ini adalah penggunaan lantai GRID INTERLOCK FLOORING diperbuat daripada getah yang lebih bercirikan keselamatan pemain dari segi mengelak tergelincir dan mendapat kecederaan.

Ada 4 saiz padang standard & 1 saiz padang besar standard international.

Standard kualiti padang futsal ini juga mendapat pengiktirafan dari 3 organisasi futsal dunia iaitu:
  1. Australian Futsal Association (AFA)
  2. Brazil Futsal Confederation  (BFC)
  3. Chinese Football Association
Sijil Pengiktirafan
Menurut Pengarah Operasi Vikings Futsal Kuching Awang Zaifulizan aka Zai Boss, stadium futsal ini adalah yang pertama dibawah jagaan Vikings Malaysia untuk memberi kualiti terbaik pada kelas antarabangsa.

Selain itu, Vikings Futsal juga dilengkapi dengan butik Conneli, meja snooker, bilik persalinan, bilik solat dan juga bilik meeting.

Dari segi keselamatan, Vikings futsal turut dilengkapi dengan CCTV di samping ruang parking yang luas. 

Sesi photoshoot duta Conneli - Zamri Morshidi (Penyerang Sarawak)
Ok.. Dah tak sabar nak main futsal di sitok? Nak tauk berapa rate? Refer harga dibawah:
Rate Sewa

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A father’s Olympian sacrifice

KUCHING : HIS father’s words and his own tough life.

Pamg Joheng, father of Pandelela Rinong, is all smiles as he proudly shows some of his daughter’s medals and the old Yamaha 80 which he used to send her and her elder brother for dive training 12 years ago. Pic by Ghazali Bujang
Those were the things Pamg Joheng drew upon to push him to sacrifice everything for his children.
And if Malaysia’s new darling Pandelela Rinong drew even a little from her father’s drive and sacrifice, those were the things that started her journey towards Olympic bronze, a journey which by all indications, is far from over.
Pamg never went far in his studies.
Knowing just how tough life was without education, he vowed his children would never have to go through what he went through during his younger days. Staying close to his father’s principles, Pamg always reminded his children to plan ahead in life.
“My father used to tell me to plan two days ahead, so that we can live today,” Pamg told the New Sunday Times. It could be said that Pamg took his father’s words and built on it. Instead of planning two days ahead, he planned years ahead.
It was 12 years ago, when Pandelela was 7, that Pamg would take her and her elder brother, Pardika Indoma, 8, for diving lessons.
Despite earning only RM45 a day, the contract worker knew he had to sacrifice for his children’s future.
So, Pamg would hop on his trusty old Yamaha 80 motorcycle to send the siblings for training at the Stampark swimming pool in town, even breaking traffic rules to ensure they didn’t miss out. “I wanted them to be somebody.

Pamg Joheng (right) and his daughter, Parcelia Renyelia, in front of their house in Kota Samarahan. Last year, Pamg’s daughter, Pandalela Rinong, bought her father a new Proton Exora to fetch her from the airport. Pic by Ghazali Bujang

I wanted them to be better than me and I am willing to do everything for them.”
When only Pandelela was picked for the state diving team then, Pamg was devastated.
The state coach told him that only Pandelela had the physique of a diver and her brother lacked that.
"I was very sad for my boy but I am happy for her at the same time. But at that young age, she needed support. She will never go far if she is separated from her brother," said Pamg.
Again, Pamg did what he had to do for his children; he spoke to the coach to let Pardika train together with the team, so that he could be close to his sister. The coach agreed.
As his family grew bigger with the birth of his third daughter, Pici Parnia, 14 years ago, Pamg saved some money to buy a car.
At that time, he could only afford a second hand Mitsubishi Trident to transport his family.
"It was nothing to shout about. It was a bit rusty, but it ferried us.  Every time I had to send Pandelela to the airport or to pick her up, I felt a little shy coming with a car like that, but that was what I could afford then."
For a man who went through hardship in life, Pamg had never once given up on his children. Instead, he stayed close to them and gave them whatever support he could.
His drive and support proved vital for Pandelela on Friday.
On the 10m platform, a poor first dive saw her starting off in 10th position. But Pandelela fought back and eventually earned the bronze.
In doing so, she became the first Malaysian woman to win an Olympic medal and also the first  to win a medal other than badminton.
But before the final, Pandelela had a case of the jitters. Who could blame her, especially when she had to compete against some of the best divers in the world?
It was the thought of her father  that calmed her down.
"I told her to remember my teachings and that I will pray for her every hour until she goes through her events. I also told her to shout out my name if it helps her to feel better before her jump."
Pandelela did cry out his name, as she told her father on the phone when she won the bronze medal.
That was the happiest telephone call for Pamg and his two younger daughters, Pici and Parcelia Renyelia that morning, after watching her on the podium live on television.
Pamg said the family could only talk to Pandelela through the telephone since she became a national athlete. It was, he said, the heaviest price for the family to pay -- being apart from her.
"Over the past years, we have missed celebrating Gawai Dayak and Christmas with her. It is a sad thing for us, but we understand that she has a strict training regime to follow and we do not want to disturb that."
The only time Pandelela would be home with them was when there was an official event. After that, she had to go back to Kuala Lumpur on the same day.
The sports council did sponsor flight tickets for Pamg and his wife, but he said the expenses of staying in Kuala Lumpur would be too much for him to bear.  
"Let her be with her mother... I can always talk to her on the phone and drive her around when she comes back. It would be like the old days when she was home.

"I hope the sports council will give her some sort of leave so we can spend time with her as a family. That is all I ask for," said Pamg.

Pamg no longer drives his old Mitsubishi Trident to pick Pandelela from the airport.  
Last year, his daughter bought him a brand new silver Proton Exora to do  that.

Source: NST 

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Motivating the relegated

Sarawak coach Robert Alberts believes his team will get over the disappointment of relegation and redeem themselves in the Malaysia Cup.IT'S tougher than usual for Sarawak coach Robert Alberts to prepare his team for the  Malaysia Cup, not because they open their campaign against 33-time winners Selangor in Kuching on Aug 22.

The 57-year-old head coach said the mood in the Sarawak camp had been at an all-time low when the Super League ended recently with the East Malaysia team losing their relegation battle and will be playing in the Premier League next season.
"Disappointment is a factor here and my toughest assignment is to get my boys to walk with their heads high again and get excited about taking part in the Malaysia Cup," said Alberts.
"The players and fans must realise that relegation is normal in football and most teams will have to go through it sooner or later.
"The key is to survive the fall and get back up again next season."
The Amsterdam-born coach said all the teams in Group D, including T-Team and Pahang, have an equal chance of progressing through to the knockout stage.
"Of course Selangor must be considered favourites considering their pedigree but that usually means little in a Cup competition.
"We consider T-Team to be more consistent and have the knack of beating stronger teams.
"We also think Pahang, who have won promotion to the Super League, are as good as any team in this competition."
Alberts said three Sabah players -- Bobby Gonzales, Ronny Harun and Sharudin Yakup -- have joined Sarawak on loan.
"We are not just making up the numbers.
"We should be strong enough to get out alive from the group with an additional defender and attacking midfielders.
"Our record against Selangor and T-Team is not bad as we only lost to them by a single goal earlier in the league, so it's just a matter of reversing the results in the Malaysia Cup."
But then again, said Alberts, it will be up to the players to prove they are good enough to go all the way in the Malaysia Cup.
"I am sure my boys will not mope around for long as they know they have a chance to redeem themselves," he said.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

‘Red Giants are no lightweight’

KUCHING: Sarawak’s push for a quarter-finals berth in the Malaysia Cup got a timely boost with the recent suspension of two key Selangor players. The duo, Mohd Amri Yahyah and Mohd Bunyamin Omar were slapped with a three-match suspension after a fracas with Kelantan’s Mohammed Ghaddar during Selangor’s previous league match against Kelantan on June 29. 

Bobby Gonzales kembali menguatkan jentera serangan Sarawak

They were also fined RM1,500 each by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM). This means that the highly rated Bunyamin and Amri, who is also captain of the Red Giants will miss their team’s Malaysia Cup opener against Sarawak this Aug 22 in Kuching. 

Despite the gloomy mood in the Selangor camp, Sarawak coach Robert Alberts does not want his team to get complacent and take the Red Giants lightly. He wants the Crocs to give full focus playing against Selangor as the Red Giants are no lightweight. 

“They might look wounded with the absence of Amri and Bunyamin. Both are very experienced and gifted players. To me that is not the case as they have other good players in their squad who can cause us problems,” he added. 

With talented players like Bosko Balaban and Mohd Safiq Rahim playing for them, it might be business as usual for the Red Giants. The Crocs should be well aware of their capabilities. 

Alberts also pointed out that with Selangor acquiring the services of Rozaimi Abdul Rahman on loan from Sabah, they have further bolstered their team. He is not taking any chances and has asked his players to be cautious when they play Selangor. 

Alberts however, is not revealing his game plan but insisted that he has worked out a strategy to face the Red Giants. For the record, Sarawak lost to Selangor 0-1 in their Malaysia Super League (MSL) encounter on June 16 at Stadium Negeri. 

Alberts have revealed that Sarawak has successfully signed former national player Ronny Harun on loan from neighbours Sabah. His presence is expected to strengthen the Crocs’ shaky defence. “I initially wanted to sign him before the season started last year but failed. 

I’m glad that he’s finally here playing for Sarawak as he can do wonders for the team,” he said. With the inclusion of Ronny, he will be the third player to join Sarawak on loan for the coming Malaysia Cup competition after the arrival of Bobby Gonzalez and Shahrudin Yaakob. 

The trio are Sabah players and free agents as their team failed to qualify for the Malaysia Cup. 

Source: Borneo Post

Piala Malaysia landasan nilai pemain Sarawak: Sudarsono

KUCHING: Sarawak akan menggunakan Piala Malaysia yang akan datang sebagai pentas menilai pemain untuk dikekalkan musim hadapan. Skuad Ngap Sayot berharap untuk menebus kekecewaan tersingkir dari Liga Super pada kempen Piala Malaysia kali ini. Kejayaan merangkul Piala Malaysia pastinya dapat mengubati kekecewaan ekoran musim yang menghampakan buat Sarawak. 

Dalam satu temuramah eksklusif dengan The Borneo Post di sini semalam, Presiden Persatuan Bola Sepak Sarawak (FAS), Datu Sudarsono Osman mengakui beliau seperti mana penyokong sejati bola sepak tempatan berasa amat kecewa dengan penyingkiran Sarawak dari liga utama bola sepak negara namun yakin pasukan negeri akan kembali bangkit. 

“Kita akan melakukan apa sahaja yang terdaya untuk kembali ke Liga Super namun buat masa sekarang, Piala Malaysia adalah keutamaan kita. Kita akan memberikan yang terbaik untuk memenanginya,” tambahnya lagi. Sudarsono menjelaskan kempen Piala Malaysia kali ini akan menjadi medan ujian buat pemain-pemain semasa Sarawak di mana prestasi setiap pemain akan dipantau dan dinilai sepanjang kejohanan dilangsungkan. 

Ditanya tentang peluang Sarawak untuk muncul juara, Sudarsono yakin skuad negeri mempunyai peluang yang realistik biarpun ia mungkin memerlukan sedikit tuah. Untuk rekod, pencapaian terbaik Sarawak dalam Piala Malaysia adalah ketika melangkah ke final pada 1997 namun dikecewakan oleh pasukan Brunei. Sarawak agak tidak bernasib baik ketika itu kerana Brunei merupakan satu-satunya pasukan yang dibenarkan untuk menurunkan pemain import dalam kejohanan itu. 

Sudarsono menambah penyingkiran Sarawak ternyata amat kejam selepas segala usaha keras yang dikerah oleh para pemain dan tenaga kejurulatihan. Bagi dirinya, penyingkiran itu tidak langsung mencerminkan prestasi Sarawak pada musim ini. 

“Memang malang sekali untuk kita disingkirkan musim ini. Namun pada akhirnya, kedudukan liga yang akan menentukan segalanya,” ujarnya sambil menambah Sarawak turut menjadi mangsa keadaan lebih-lebih lagi selepas Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia (FAM) mengubah peraturan dalam Liga Super.

Jadual Perlawanan Pertama Peringkat kumpulan Piala Malaysia2012(Pusingan Pertama)
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Jadual Perlawanan Kelima Peringkat kumpulan Piala Malaysia2012(Pusingan kedua)
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Jadual Perlawanan Akhir / Final Piala Malaysia (20 Oktober)


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