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FAM need to wake up and tackle corruption in football

IN THE SPOTLIGHT By ERIC SAMUEL: THE only ones shocked by the latest revelations of match-fixing in the M-League must have been the FA of Malaysia (FAM). But that shouldn’t come as a surprise as they are such a clueless and ineffectual bunch.

FAM largely operate on snooze mode with minimum effort and enterprise. Cosseted in the comforts of Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya, they would rather not have to deal with issues and problems. Hence the pathetic state of Malaysian football.

For 30 years, FAM have operated on the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of non-disclosure and total inaction. They would rather not know. If, by some accident, an earthquake of an incident were to awaken them from their slumber, the standard operating procedure is first of denial. Then, if that doesn’t wash, they throw in some outrage, threats and demand that evidence be produced. If that fails, they come up with the fancy garnish of empty promises spiced by an abundance of posturing, offerings and, ultimately, passing the buck.

There is no sense of responsibility or accountability. Hasn’t been for 30 years. Under their watch, their only claim to fame is how Malaysian bookies, together with their Singapore counterparts, now virtually infest world football — fixing matches all over the globe.

They are good, these Malaysian corrupters of the beautiful game. After all, they have had lots of practice as match-fixing has been rampant in this country since the 70s. FAM obviously don’t want to know and we all appreciate how effective our law enforcement agencies are in fighting corruption.
Whatever happened to the task force formed to counter match-fixing? It was set up only a year ago by FAM deputy president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah with the police to monitor national and state teams as well as state football associations. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Was that yet another committee formed to sit on their arms to placate public ire?

How many such panels have we seen FAM form to little or no effect, whatsoever? The national team have yet another disastrous outing: form a committee. Standards have plunged: form a committee. The game at local state and district level is in the doldrums, or worse: form a committee. The officials are dysfunctional: form a committee comprising the very same officials. The balls are sub-standard: form a committee. The seats of the FAM meeting room are not comfy enough: form a committee. The only solution any of these committees would have come up with would be in getting more cushy chairs for the meeting room.

FAM either don’t take the scourge of football bribery seriously or, like almost everything else, are totally flummoxed with no idea as to what should be done.

The so-called task force was clearly only formed to impress the FIFA delegation, led by its Head of Security Chris Eaton, during his visit to Wisma FAM in January last year.

Eaton had commented that several Malaysians were involved in match-fixing scandals in Germany, Finland and Singapore and that investigations pointed to a significant KL bookie connection. No problem, form a committee.

So, we have it. Another season and yet another scandal brewing barely a month into the 2012 Malaysian Super League (MSL). In fact, there were strong allegations of match-fixing in the opening Premier League tie between Muar Municipal Council and Perlis. The match, at the Sultan Ibra­him Stadium in Muar on Jan 9, was a bizarre high-scoring game with the club side thrashing Perlis 7-2.

The suspicious result prompted Perlis Football Association (PFA) president Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim to conduct his own probe. It resulted in some players admitting that they had been approached by bookies.

FAM have received a report from PFA on the alleged incident but nothing has come of it, yet. The tragedy is nobody is bold enough to come out in the open to expose the culprits. Everyone seems to be talking of match-fixing but nobody wants to do anything to nail the miscreants.

What is FAM going to do to curb the rot besides the usual warnings and promises which are forgotten as soon as they are made?

Of course, they did initiate an integrity awareness campaign last June. The only thing that came out from this campaign, for players to say no to bribery, is that the “integriti” logo was patched onto the sleeve of their jersey. That’s about it, as effective as the countless slogans we have been inundated with over the years.

The last time a major match-fixing scandal rocked the country in 1995, Malaysia lost an entire generation of talented players as more than 150 of the best were either banished or banned for life following police investigations.

We have never recovered from that ugly episode. That was also when the disenchanted fans switched en masse to the English League. Some 17 years later, the M-League is still struggling to get them back.

Even then, FAM only acted because they had no other choice as the media went on a crusade together with the police to expose the corruption that riddled the game.

But to take the easy way out and close an eye to venality is perhaps a bigger sin than the actual bribe accepted. It condones and encourages the perpetuation of the crime. That is why corruption is endemic. Institu­tionalised even. FAM are duty bound to act. Afterall, we are a lowly 148 in the FIFA rankings and our football is going nowhere. So, cleaning it up would be a good statrt.

But that takes dedication and commitment like what the Turkish Football Federation did in withdrawing champions Fenerbahce from last season’s Champions League due to allegations of endemic match fixing and bribery. It showed that the national body meant business and will not tolerate any nonsense.

Yes, it was drastic but it is a lesson which others should emulate to start eradicating the virulent disease once and for all.

But then the amateurs running the game in this country must first wake up from their comfortable slumber of denial. The issues that hound Malaysian football are catalogued in black and white — a chronic lack of leadership, absence of discipline, general ineptitude and a woeful structure of coaching and administration, all of which have led to the slow and painful death of the game.

So no more smokescreens, excuses or passing the buck, Kick the evil practice out for good or step down and let others do it.

Sarawak ikat Juara Piala Malaysia 2011

Kalla Sone meraikan jaringan bersama penyokong Sarawak - Credit Dunia Sukan Online
  1. Sarawak berjaya mengikat Juara Piala Malaysia 2011. Sik lah kuat ney n9 tok.
  2. Keupayaan pertahanan tengah mengekang penyerang N9, Effa Owana harus dipuji. 
  3. Sarawak ketinggalan 2 kali tetapi berjaya bangkit menyamakan kedudukan.
  4. Stadium Negeri penuh dgn kehafiran penonton mencecah 25,000 orang!
  5. Penonton Sarawak serta VVIP sangat sporting membuat Mexican Wave sepanjang separuh masa kedua pimpinan hardfan Gallore Buceros!
  6. Sorakan penonton yang begitu riuh ketika pemain Sarawak dikasari berjaya mempengaruhi keputusan pengadil dgn melayangkan beberapa kad kuning dan penalti.
  7. Saya begitu teruja dengan pemain simpanan yang begitu bersedia apabila dimasukkan. Pujian kepada Shahran Samad yang beraksi cemerlang dengan lot of clean tackle dan berani mengasak Effawona.
  8. w
  9. Gandingan ZM7 dan Kalla Sone beberapa kali mencemaskan pertahanan n9 yang diketuai norhafiz zamani misbah
  10. Kalla sone yang baru pulih dari groin injury kelihatan masih berhati-hati untuk mengelak kecederaan berulang. Beberapa kali membuat throuh pass kepada Rasyid Aya tetapi penyudah mengecewakan.
  11. Walau apa pun kesemua pemain Sarawak telah menunjukkan kesungguhan untuk mendapat result terbaik. Strategi N9 bermain hantaran tinggi berjaya di kekang oleh Hairol Mokhtar and co.
  12. Next game lawan Perak - If menang atau seri away game confirm Felda United jadi mangsa Sarawak WAVE di Stadium Negeri!
  13. Man of the Match: Hairol Mokhtar (no 9) Captain Sarawak

  1. Sani Annuar (GK) - 6.5/10
  2. Dzuladlzan - 8/10
  3. Ramesh - 8/10
  4. Hairol Mokhtar - 8.5/10
  5. Yosri - 7/10
  6. Asri - 7/20
  7. Rasyid Aya - 7.5/10
  8. Azizan Baba - 6.5/10
  9. Guy Bwele - 8/10
  10. Zamri Morshidi - 8/10
  11. Kalla Sone - 6.5/10
  12. Shahran Samad (sub) - 7/10
  13. Shahrol Saperi (sub) - 6.5/10
  14. K.Ravindrand (sub) - 6/10

Friday, January 27, 2012

Kalle Sone mengetuai serangan Sarawak sabtu ini!

Penyerang import Sarawak dari Cameroon, Kalla Sone akan beraksi buat pertama kali dalam saingan Liga Super pada sabtu ini. Beliau baru pulih dari kecederaan groin dan bisul di kaki =p Serius, perkara ini disahkan oleh physioterapyhy Sarawak.

Selain itu, Guy Bwele juga sudah boleh beraksi setelah mengalami kecederaan di pangkal paha. Vedran Muratovic masih berlatih dengan pasukan Sarawak as back up jika Kalla Sone mengalami kecederaan semula.

Melalui pemerhatian saya dalam training petang semalam, Sarawak dijangka melakukan beberapa perubahan pemain di posisi pertahanan iaitu Shahran menggantikan Yosri Dermajoo. Manakala di posisi penjaga gol, Sani Annuar akan diturunkan selepas Saiful Amar mengalami kecederaan dan masih dalam peringkat pemulihan.

Corak latihan yang diamalkan oleh Robert Albert sangat menarik berbeza dari jurulatih sebelumnya. Latihan petang semalam lebih fokus kepada jentera serangan dalam memantapkan kombinasi Kalle Sone dengan Zamri Morshidi.

Buat pengetahuan pembaca, Sarawak menjalani latihan di Stadium Sarawak bagi memastikan mutu padang Stadium Negeri tidak terjejas.

Barisan kemungkinan:
  1. Sani Annuar (GK)
  2. Dzuladzlan
  3. L Ramesh
  4. Hairol Mokhtar (C)
  5. Shahran
  6. Rasyid Aya
  7. Asri Chu Chu
  8. Azizan Baba
  9. Guy Bwele
  10. Zamri Morshidi
  11. Kalla Sone

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Peluang Vedran Muratovic cerah

KUCHING: Verdan Muratovic, penyerang berusia 28 tahun dari Croatia yang telah menjalani sesi ujian sejak 19 Januari lepas berpeluang cerah akan disenaraikan bersama skuad Ngap Sayot.

BERPELUANG CERAH: Verdan (kiri) sedang menjalani latihan bersama skuad Ngap Sayot, semalam.
Jurulatih Robert Alberts berkata, pengambilan Verdan telah dipersetujui oleh Persatuan Bola Sepak Sarawak (FAS) dan kini hanya menunggu restu daripada Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia (FAM).

“Beliau (Verdan) berpeluang cerah bermain bersama Sarawak.

“Pihak pengurusan FAS akan mengemukakan pengambilannya kepada FAM,” katanya yang ditemui semasa sesi latihan di Stadium Sarawak, Petra Jaya di sini semalam.

Verdan yang pernah beraksi dalam Liga Perancis tiba di sini pada Rabu lalu dan telah diuji pada sesi latihan untuk menggantikan penyerang import dari Cameroon, Kalle Sone yang dirundung kecederaan.

“Kalle mempunyai kebijaksanaan ketika melakukan serangan manakala Verdan seorang pemain yang lincah,” kata Robert yang menyatakan perbandingan kemampuan kedua-dua penyerang import tersebut.

Menyentuh kekalahan skuadnya pada perlawanan menentang Sabah dan Terengganu yang lepas, Robert berkata, jentera serangan yang tumpul adalah antara faktornya dan khidmat penyerang import adalah begitu penting.

“Gol Sabah dan Terengganu masing-masing dijaringkan oleh penyerang import… itulah kelebihan mereka.

“Bukan kita tidak mempunyai penyerang tempatan yang baik tetapi dengan adanya penyerang import yang berkebolehan, mereka akan menjadi inspirasi kepada jentera serangan,” kata jurulatih dari Belanda itu.

Skuad negeri telah mengharungi empat perlawanan dengan memenangi perlawanan sulung menentang Kuala Lumpur, seri kepada Selangor baru-baru ini dan tewas kepada Sabah dan Terengganu.

Sabtu ini (28 Januari), anak-anak buah Robert akan bermain di laman sendiri menentang peneraju Liga Super, Negeri Sembilan.

Crocs ready to snap Deers this Saturday

by Matthew T. Umpang, Posted on January 26, 2012, Thursday

ATTENTION PLEASE: Sarawak coach Robert Alberts (centre) talks to his players during a training session at the State Stadium.

KUCHING: Sarawak is ready to face highly rated Negeri Sembilan at the State Stadium this coming Saturday with the Crocs ready to snap on the Deers after holding Selangor to a scoreless draw in their last outing.

“We expect Negeri Sembilan to play a different style of play compared to Selangor. Negeri Sembilan is a team who likes to play long balls. They are not great fans of modern style of football play,” commented Sarawak coach Robert Alberts to The Borneo Post yesterday.

He also pointed out that the Deers are a newly revamped team and possess a good blend of youth and experience in their squad.

“Negeri Sembilan we face this Saturday is not the same team last season. Nearly all their key players left for big money offers from Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM). They are a team yet to be tested by us,” said the Dutchman on Sarawak’s next opponent.

Negeri Sembilan have a proven striker in the form of Cameroonian Jean Emmanuel Effa Owona who has scored a couple of goals in the Charity Shield and Super League matches. Sarawak should be wary of his goal poaching skills.

The visitors are likely without influential flanker S Kunanlan who got red-carded when they faced Felda United last Saturday.

“We will have to be cautious of the way they play and workout a game plan for this Saturday,” informed Alberts.

Good news for Crocs’ fans is that versatile player Guy Bwelle is now match fit and will get a starting place for the Negeri Sembilan encounter.

First choice keeper Saiful Amar Sudar is still doubtful but Alberts believed that Sani Annuar Kamsani will be an adequate cover in between the two posts during his absence.

Saiful had to be replaced during Sarawak’s previous match on the first half due to injury.

Alberts also singled-out Negeri Sembilan’s Shukor Adan and Norhafiz Zamani Misbah as the players that have the potential to cause some problems for the Crocs. However, Alberts has no big worries as he has faith in his boys and that the Crocs got what it takes to have deer’s meat for supper this Saturday.

Should Sarawak field Kalle Sone, it will be an exciting battle among two Cameroonian strikers from opposing sides which will certainly add to the intrigue of the match.

Croc’s fans are urged to come in full force to support the team this Saturday.

Sarawak needs you!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

History Channel: The Crocs are the new Premier League champions


The players with Alan vest and Zaidil Zainie celebrating after knowing that the Crocs have won the Premier League championship. 

KUCHING - Their faces said it all. The Crocs are the new Premier League champions. And the sweet glory of success can’t happen to a more deserving team. The draw in Likas Stadium yesterday pushes defending champions Sabah only to be the bridesmaid. 

The league title came courtesy of Kuala Lumpur who forced a draw with Sabah. And for Alan Vest the seven years of hard work has paid off handsomely. Seasoned players like David Evans, Mohd Ali Sapiee, Roslan Ismail, Jalil Rambli, Zaidel Sakup and Mazlan Wahed played a wondrous job to bring the league title to this shore.

For new comers like Alistair Edwards, Billy Bone, Ramos and Ramles Sari and the rest of the boys, they have all done a wonderful job. It was "painful" just waiting. But when it was confirmed that Kuala Lumpur had forced a draw, joy echoed all round the stadium. Vest believed his players deserved the honour. 

"Despite the injury woes, the boys managed to cope with the challenge. And for their good discipline, they deserve the victory," he said. 

"We don’t expect to be champions. We just go into the league hoping to win every game." Vest, usually serious during training, was all smiles when asked whether he was nervous waiting for the result. He laughed. "Not at all." 

Midfielder Billy Bone, who has been a source of inspiration to other players said: "I just couldn’t describe how I feel this evening. This is my first time in Malaysia and we won the league title." "I’m very happy. Everyone in the team deserves it. And for me, this is something that I will always remember in my life for this the first medal I ever won in my career." 

Dari kiri belakang: Ibrahim Mentali, Alistair Edwards, Ali Sapiee, Zaidel Sakup, Mazlan Wahed, David Evans
Dari kiri depan: Roslan Ismail, Ahmad Fairuz Yunus, Dahlan Matussin, Affendi Julaihi, Billy Bone

Alistair Edwards, who was in tears, said: "I’m happy because it happens to me again. It happened when I was Singapore, Johor and in Australia before I play for Sarawak. "Perhaps it’s my luck. Even then, I would like to dedicate our victory to all the Sarawak people for their support and coach Alan Vest for his wonderful job for Sarawak." 

The longest serving foreign import David Evans was so happy he couldn’t find words to express his feelings. "This my second major title with Sarawak apart from the FA Cup and definitely I’m very happy today. "I was nervous waiting for the outcome of the match but I took that feeling off by kicking the ball," he said. Dave also dedicated the victory to all the Sarawak supporters and coach Alan Vest. 

For Roslan Ismail, it has been 17 long years. "It took me 17 years to fight for it. And today I’m very happy because we are the champions. "This is what I have been dreaming for and I’m proud to be members of the the FA Cup and the League champions." 

 Player-cum-trainer Jalil Ramli felt terrific. "This is best moment in a footballer’s life. And I really praised everyone for their determination," said Jalil, who is also one of the members of the FA Cup champions in 1992. 

 And the man, who has the safest hand this season, was also among the happiest person. "It’s great to win the league title. Definitely it is something that every player looks for. And I’m very happy that I have been the champions twice during my stay with Sarawak," said Mazlan Wahed. 

 For veteran midfielder Mohd Ali Sapiee: "For the time being, I want to celebrate the victory first and I don’t want to think of the next game. This is my first experience as a champion after so many years playing and I must celebrate." Ali said he just could not concentrate during training because he was nervous. "Because I’m so nervous I could feel the pain. And now I’m very happy and feel so much better," he said. 

Speedy Affendi Julaihi felt the team deserved the honour saying: "It has been very difficult for us this season. Most of the time we play without key players and I’m very happy that we make it after waiting for so long," he said.

A beaming Vest said the terrific triumph would made up for their disappointment of losing the FA Cup semi-final to eventual champions Selangor in July. "We have been the most consistent side in the country over the past seven years, including five years in the top three, and this achievement is just rewards for the players and the fans," he enthused. 

Besides the RM150,000 prize money which will be divided by the FA of Sarawak, the players will bag the RM120,000 in total rewards offered by their sponsor Lotto, through their agent Newt Plus Four of Singapore and Lea Sports Centre, the local dealer.

Picture of the month! Joseph Kallang Tie

"As joseph kalang walked out from the field of Stadium Sarawak, Sarawak supporters, or better known as the sayotters was heard singing the state anthem "Sarawak Ibu Pertiwiku" from across the terraces" - kredit Nizam H Fansuri
Beliau adalah antara anak Sarawak yang paling famous berkelana di perantauan selepas winger lagenda; Affendi Julaihi. Mereka berdua berjaya menaikkan nama Sarawak di pentas antarabangsa dengan kedua-duanya telah dipilih menyarung jersi Malaysia.

Jauh di sudut hati Joseph Kallang Tie satu hari nanti beliau akan kembali ke Sarawak dengan membawa pengalaman yang diperoleh.

Wahai penyokong-penyokong Sarawak, jangan dicerca JKT sepertimana perlawanan yang lepas. Taukkah kitak orang, JKT adalah kapten pasukan Sarawak dikala krisis melanda. Gaji sik cukup, kadang-kadang bayar kadang-kadang sik. 

Tapi beliau telah menunjukkan komitmen dan kesetiaan yang tinggi untuk terus menyarung jersi Sarawak.  Turun juak training walaupun gaji sik berbayar. Bukan nyaman bekerja sik dibayar. Saya sendiri melihat keadaan training, match stadium kosong (banyak gik pokok di kerusi). Tapi ya sejarah silam.

Sebagai ganjarannya, komitmen serta kesungguhannya beliau telah menarik minat Irfan Bakti untuk dibawa  menyarung jersi Terengganu. 

Sehingga sekarang beliau memainkan peranan penting dan menjadi anak Sarawak pertama yang layak ke final Piala Malaysia. Kali terakhir kita di final adalah pada tahun 1999 menentang Brunei Darussalam tapi tewas 2-1 di Stadium Merdeka. Lepas ya sikda gik.

Biarlah JKT ambik dolok experience, rasa hidup di negeri orang - saya pasti one day HE WILL RETURN SOONER or LATER!

Negeri Sembilan & Felda United in Big Trouble

KUALA LUMPUR - Insiden pergaduhan yang melibatkan pemain Negeri Sembilan dan Felda United dalam perlawanan Liga Super, Sabtu lalu mendapat perhatian serius Persatuan Bolasepak Malaysia (FAM). Badan bola sepak itu akan membawa kes tersebut untuk tindakan Jawatankuasa Tatatertib.

Menurut Naib Presiden FAM, Datuk Hamidin Mohd. Amin yang juga Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pertandingan Tempatan, beliau telah mendapat penjelasan mengenai apa yang berlaku daripada pegawai kedua-dua pasukan selepas perlawanan berakhir.

Namun, Hamidin enggan memberi sebarang komen mengenai siapa yang dipanggil atau cara siasatan dijalankan kerana ia di bawah bidang kuasa Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Tatatertib, Datuk Mohd Taufik Abd Razak.

''Saya telah mendapat laporan mengenai insiden itu daripada kedua-dua pegawai pasukan pada malam hari perlawanan tetapi laporan rasmi akan dibuat pada esok (hari ini) kerana cuti umum Tahun Baru Cina.

''Selepas itu, laporan akan diserahkan kepada Jawatankuasa Tatatertib yang dipengerusikan Datuk Mohd. Taufik Abd Razak untuk diteliti sama ada perlu memanggil saksi daripada kedua-dua pihak persatuan bola sepak.

''Saya tidak mahu memberi sebarang komen berlebihan dalam isu ini, lebih baik kita semua tunggu apa kata Datuk Taufik selaku pengerusi termasuk tarikh pendengaran kes berkenaan, " katanya yang dihubungi, semalam.

Kekecohan di Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman pada Sabtu lalu bermula apabila pemain Felda, Hardi Jaafar bergaduh dengan pemain import Negeri Sembilan, Jean Emmanuel Effa Owona selepas perlawanan tamat. Setelah dileraikan, Hardi meluru ke tempat duduk penonton tuan rumah yang hampir mencetuskan pergaduhan lebih besar sebelum pengadil mengambil tindakan melayangkan kad merah kepada bekas pemain kebangsaan itu.

Bertambah tegang, ketika penjaga gol Felda, Mohd. Hamsani Ahmad cuba masuk ke bilik persalinan, dia diserang oleh penyokong Negeri Sembilan dan hampir membuatkan bekas penjaga gol Selangor itu naik minyak, namun dapat dileraikan oleh pegawai keselamatan.

Atas insiden tersebut, lebih 1,000 penyokong Negeri Sembilan berkumpul di luar stadium sambil menanti pemain Felda sehingga memaksa pasukan keselamatan mengiringi setiap seorang pemain ke bas.

Sebelum itu, pemain Negeri Sembilan, S. Kunanlan dan Felda, Farid Ramli dilayangkan kad merah kerana terlibat dalam pergaduhan di atas padang.

Hamidin secara peribadi menyatakan kekesalan atas insiden berkenaan dan berharap pemain serta penyokong supaya lebih bijak mengawal emosi masing-masing.
''Perkara ini memang pernah berlaku dalam sukan bola sepak kita tetapi saya tidak mahu ia berterusan terjadi.

''Para pegawai setiap pasukan juga perlu pantas mengawal emosi pemain masing-masing agar perkara buruk dan konfrontasi dengan penyokong dapat dielakkan, " katanya.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Video untuk Penyerang-penyerang Sarawak

Kepada Zamri Morshidi, Rasyid Aya, Ravindran dan generally all Sarawak player.. Maybe tok boleh jadi tips makei kitak orang.

Muratovic beraksi cemerlang dalam 'trial' hari ini

Credit to Nizam H Fansuri

Menurut laporan daripada pemerhati bolasepak petang tadi pemain import yang masih dalam penilaian iaitu Vedran Muratovic beraksi cemerlang!

Banyak jaringan gol telah dihasilkan oleh beliau. 

Kita semua sedia maklum bahawa jentera serangan kita ketandusan jaringan gol. Lupakan tentang peluang yang dihasilkan - ia tidak membawa makna jika bola tidak melepasi garisan gol. 

Persoalannya sekarang, adakah Robert Albert berpuas hati dengan aksi yang ditonjolkan oleh beliau? 

Adakah beliau dapat diturunkan semasa perlawanan menentang Negeri Sembilan di Kuching pada sabtu ini?

Asal lepas garisan gol tok dah kira goal

Crocs need to check the slide

Vedran Muratovic 

THE Crocs have taken one step forward but two steps backwards after three games, leaving fans to wonder whether this is just a temporary slip or an ominous sign of more disappointments to come. The home side defeated Kuala Lumpur by two goals in the curtain raiser at home on Jan 10 for a superb start to their 2012 campaign. 

Post-match optimism was high that this could well be the best team ever assembled in a long while to help Sarawak justify their promotion to the Super League – and perhaps also win some silverware after languishing in obscurity for more than a decade. It certainly looked that way with FAS officials patting each other on the back in the afterglow of a famously good start to the new season, and success-hungry fans daring to dream of a plausible return to the glory days of Ngap Sayot and the scintillating 1990’s. 

 But the gloss of that win over KL has faded somewhat after the Crocs stumbled in their two subsequent games, losing 2-1 away to Sabah on Jan 14 and 1-0 to Terengganu at home on Jan 17. The narrow margins of defeat suggest the outcomes were touch-and-go, and on a different day, might have favoured the Crocs.

Sarawak would have gone top with nine points – two more than the current leader T-Team – had they kept a clean sheet from three games. Three out of three would have been perfect but in the absence of lethal firepower upfront, that might be pushing it a bit. Had the Crocs drawn in their last two games, they would have been in 6th spot on five points behind T-Team (7 pts), Kelantan (7 pts), Terengganu (6 pts), Perak (6 pts) and Felda (6 pts) but ahead of Negeri Sembilan (4 pts). 

Although Kelantan are sharing points with T-Team, the Red Warriors are 6-5 behind on goal difference. Sarawak lost the Borneo derby and to the Turtles by a solitary goal – a close result that could have gone either way and has left the Crocs to rue their missed chances. But whether you lose by one goal or 10 goals is immaterial. The bottomline is that you still lose. 

Nothing can change that. It’s still three points to the winner and zero for the loser. The saying that “a miss is as good as a mile” may sound banal but it’s, nonetheless, hard to fault. Two losses in three matches are anything but inspirational if not demoralising and deflating. But for the Crocs, now is no time to mope over their setbacks. 

They should put the defeats behind them and move forward. It’s pointless crying over spilt milk. Hence, it’s good to know that despite the disappointment over their back-to-back defeats, the Crocs have vowed to pick themselves up and soldier on. Indeed, nothing less is expected of them. After all, it’s still early days. The team must now muster all their strength and energy to even things up in their upcoming ties. 

While Sarawak may not lack the ability to create scoring chances, converting them into goals is not their forte. A consistently misfiring frontline is the team’s Achilles heel. Even head coach and team manager Robert Alberts admitted as much when he said Sarawak are in dire need of an effective striker to make the chances in front of goal count. 

“We really need an experienced attacker. We also need the services of an experienced foreign import to improve our attacking quality,” he said. This glaring flaw is not lost on the team management which is now trying to plug the weak link by inviting a Croatian striker, Vedran Muratovic, for trials. 

The plan is to get the foreign import on board for the Crocs’ next game against Negeri Sembilan on Jan 28. How fast this can materialise will depend on how soon the formalities can be put in place, not forgetting, of course, the state of the FAS’ coffers. Still, there is no harm looking into all the options. 

It will, at least, go somewhere to solving the Crocs’ perennial problem of being hamstrung by a toothless strike force. Football is all about scoring goals and to do that, good strikers are essential. In this context, securing the services of Muratovic – if he were as good as made out to be – would be a boon for the team. 

As one seasoned football fan observed: “They need a striker badly. Many chances but no goals, how to win?” The upcoming games are no picnics to be sure. The Crocs will next against Negeri Sembilan at home on Jan 28 and away to Perak on Feb 7. 

 The home side will have everything to play for in the weeks ahead. They cannot afford to slip further if they want a decent finish in the top-flight League. We wish team the best of luck.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Selangor coach blasts Sarawak’s negative tactics

SELANGOR coach Irfan Bakti Abu Salim insisted he could not understand Sarawak’s negative tactics following the scoreless draw in a Super League match in Bukit Jalil on Saturday. 

 “Sarawak came here to play for a draw. They defended and only depended on counter-attacks. They treated the match like it was a final,” said a furious Irfan.

 “Somehow I knew before the match that they were going to defend for the whole match and I was right. They had no imagination. 

 “Anyway, I am also angry with my players for wasting chances. We should have won easily.” Selangor played a 4-5-1 formation with captain Amri Yahyah as the sole striker supported by flankers Fitri Shazwan Raduwan and Amirulhadi Zainal along with midfielders Safiq Rahim, K. Gurusamy and Bunyamin Umar. 

 Sarawak coach Robert Alberts opted for an all-local line-up leaving Cameroon-born defensive midfielder Guy Bwele on the bench. 

 The hosts dominated proceedings after half-an-hour and created at least 10 goal-scoring opportunities but none of their players could put one past Sarawak goalkeeper Sani Anuar Kamsani. Sarawak had decent chances but Selangor’s backline, led by Lebanese international Ramez Jamal Dayoub, did well to deny them.

 “We need a quality goal poacher. Foreign strikers will be on trial and, hopefully, one of them will be good enough for a contract,” added Irfan. 

 Alberts, meanwhile, defended his team’s tactics. “Irfan can say whatever he wants. We came here for a good result and we managed one,” said Alberts. 

 “A team do not need to play beautiful football to earn desired results. Yes, I told my boys to play cautiously and that is what they did. We had to play defensively as we were up against a good team. Their hard work paid off.” 

 Sarawak are on the lookout for a striker to beef up their attack. Cameroon striker Kalle Sone, who they signed for the season is injured. 

 Alberts said several players were due to arrive in Kuching for trials.

 Read more: Selangor coach blasts Sarawak’s negative tactics - Soccer - New Straits Times

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sarawak ikat Selangor di gelanggang lawan

PEMAIN Sarawak, Ashri Chuchu (kanan) berjaya melepasi pemain Selangor, Mohd Razman Roslan pada aksi Liga Super di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, malam tadi.
PEMAIN Sarawak, Ashri Chuchu (kanan) berjaya melepasi pemain Selangor, Mohd Razman Roslan pada aksi Liga Super di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, malam tadi.

Sarawak ikat Selangor di Bukit Jalil

SELANGOR gagal mengaut peluang beraksi di laman sendiri untuk membiarkan Sarawak pulang ceria berbekal satu mata selepas kedua-dua pasukan terikat 0-0 dalam saingan Liga Super di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil malam tadi.

Wajah Irfan Bakti Abu Salim jelas muram menyaksikan gelagat anak didiknya melepaskan deretan peluang sepanjang babak kedua ketika perlawanan itu harus berkesudahan tiga mata menjadi milik Merah Kuning.

Setengah jam pertama permainan, Sarawak tampil seolah-olah mereka adalah pasukan gergasi Liga Super walaupun pada hakikatnya, baru kembali menyertainya selepas tiga tahun beraksi dalam Liga Perdana.

Skuad Bujang Senang yang turun tanpa perancang utama - Guy Bwele - buat pertama kali tampak seperti hanya mahu bertahan pada babak pertama, tetapi kelonggaran barisan tengah Selangor menyaksikan beberapa kali kubu tuan rumah diasak pelawat.

Sekurang-kurangnya dua peluang keemasan tercipta - menerusi Azizan Baba pada minit ke-15 dan Rashid Aya, minit ke-19, tetapi rembatan kedua-dua pemain tengah itu gagal menemui sasaran. 
Hanya pada minit ke-33, baru Selangor tampak seperti mula mendapat rentak dan peluang terbaik muncul menerusi tendangan percuma Asrarudin Putra yang terkena palang dan rembatan susulan barisan depan tuan rumah berjaya ditampan pertahanan Sarawak.

Selepas rehat, Selangor bermula garang dengan menghasilkan deretan percubaan ke arah gawang Sarawak, tetapi gagal menemui sasaran. Sarawak yang lebih banyak bertahan, dua kali memperoleh peluang keemasan menerusi sepakan percuma Yosri Derma Raju (m-70) dan Shahrol Saperi (m-84), tetapi turut berakhir dengan kekecewaan. 

Komen Admin:

  1. Tahniah buat pemain-pemain dan coach Robert Albert. Walaupun tanpa kelibat Guy Bwele kita dapat menyaingi malah hampir menewaskan pasukan Selangor.
  2. Pemain Sarawak tampak seperti pasukan regular dalam liga Super dengan mutu hantaran short pass menarik serta gerakan serangan yang teratur.
  3. Keupayaan penjaga gol simpanan, Sani Annuar juga menarik perhatian saya. Beliau tidak gugup malah beberapa kali menjadi penyelamat. 
  4. Aksi super kapitan, Hairol Mokhtar juga patut dipuji. Beliau seperti biasa cool di barisan pertahanan bersama Yosri Dermajoo.
  5. Tahniah juga di ucapkan dengan penyokong Sarawak yang hadir. Dapat di dengar sorakan kitak orang, ngeboo team HOME masa sidak control ball. Sik tentu nyawa sidak! Haha
  6. Lawan N9 selepas tok diharapkan pemain memberi komitmen yang sama. Ingat prinsip saya : SAMA MAKAN  NASIK, BELUM CUBA BELUM TAUK!
  7. p/s: Didier Drogba on the way ke Kuching kata Robert Albert malam tadik
Didier Drogba

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Malaysian Super League Preview: Selangor vs Sarawak

Both teams will be hoping to improve on their form in front of goal at Bukit Jalil Stadium on Saturday night

Sarawak FA, vs Kuala Lumpur FA, Malaysia, Malaysian Super League
Dunia Sukan Online



Razman, Nasriq, Dayoub, Gunalan
Asra, Azidan, Gurusamy, Amirulhadi

Bwele, Ramesh, Mazwandi, Yosri
Ronald, Depan, Benedict, Shahrul
Zamri, Ravindran

Bukit Jalil will be the stage where Selangor host Sarawak this weekend and improving their conversion rate is the priority on both coach’s agenda. 

Amri Yahya is the talisman in Selangor’s offensive department but Irfan Bakti lacks options to support him. R. Surendran can be prolific but consistency is an issue, while Selangor’s gamble with forward Lelo Mbele appears to have not paid off. He has failed to shake off his injury and is expected to be replaced soon.

Against Sarawak, Irfan Bakti is likely to continue using Amri alone upfront but he will want midfielders Solihin Kanasian, Safiq Rahim and Amirul Hadi to shoulder more responsibilities as far as attacking is concerned. K. Gurusamy is also expected to continue his role in central midfield, where he has been impressive this season.

With the signings they have made this season, newly promoted Sarawak have shown a lot of intention to not be a mere pushover. Beating the mighty Red Giants will send a very strong signal towards that, but they themselves are currently beleaguered with offensive issues.

Import striker Kalle Sone’s start to the season has been dogged with injuries and is expected to be out for at least another three matches. In his absence youngsters Ravindran Krishan, Rashid Aya andZamri Morshidi will form the attacking line with Guy Bwele pulling the strings in midfield. Saiful Amar Sudar in Sarawak’s goal will be eager to prove a point against his former employers.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tekad Amri Yahyah

Pemain veteran yang mempunyai penyudah yang tajam
KAPTEN Selangor, Mohd Amri Yahyah yang memburu hadiah hari lahirnya pada perlawanan menentang Sarawak, menggesa rakan sepasukan memberikan sepenuh tumpuan terhadap kekuatan dimiliki mereka apabila melayan kunjungan skuad Ngap Sayot itu di Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil, malam esok.
Walaupun sedar kehadiran penyerang import amat diperlukan Merah Kuning, pemain yang mewakili Selangor sejak 2001 itu percaya kemampuan rakan sepasukannya yang mempunyai pengalaman luas dalam kancah tempatan dan antarabangsa mampu membantu mereka mencatat kemenangan.

“Paling penting semua pemain yang bakal diturunkan tidak boleh leka seperti yang berlaku ketika menentang Felda United, Selasa lalu. Malah akibat melepaskan jaringan awal, kami gagal mencari gol penyamaan kerana setiap pemain lawan turun berkubu di gawang sendiri hingga memaksa kami pulang hampa.
“Setiap pasukan yang ditentang musim ini tidak boleh diambil mudah walaupun ia berstatus kelab mahupun yang baru menyertai Liga Super seperti Sarawak,” katanya yang bakal menyambut hari lahir ke-31.

Pemain tengah yang diletakkan sebagai penyerang itu bagaimanapun menegaskan moral rakan sepasukan tidak terjejas berikutan kekalahan mengejut itu malah sudah kembali bersemangat mencipta kemenangan.

“Mungkin ia juga perlawanan pertama kami beraksi pada sebelah petang berbanding lawan yang sudah biasa. Namun ia bukanlah alasan dengan pemain kini bersemangat untuk mencipta kemenangan kedua,” katanya.
Selangor yang dikendalikan Irfan Bakti Abu Salim hanya mencatatkan satu kemenangan selepas mengharungi tiga perlawanan dan kini berada di pertengahan liga manakala Sarawak tewas pada dua perlawanan terakhir walaupun mempamerkan persembahan mantap menewaskan Kuala Lumpur 2-0 dalam aksi pembukaan Liga Super awal bulan ini.
Komen Admin:
  1. Ikut taktik yang di ajar coach RA, confident dengan diri sendiri dan rakan sepasukan, Sarawak pasti menang!

Surat buat FAM dan kawasan sekitarnya + Komen dari ex Gen Sec Sarawak

Kepada tetuan di Wisma FAM,

Sebagai pengikut setia bola sepak tempatan lebih 30 tahun, 20 tahun daripadanya selaku wartawan, pengkritik dan penganalisis, saya terpanggil untuk memberi pendapat dua sen saya berhubung beberapa siri kontroversi yang melingkari FAM dan bola sepak tempatan secara amnya.

Sejak kebelakangan ini, kontroversi di FAM seolah-olah tidak bertepi. Yang terbaru, isu Terengganu dan surat pekeliling bertarikh 23 Disember 2011 berhubung tarikh tamat pendaftaran pemain import sehingga membawa kepada ugutan saman daripada Persatuan Bola Sepak Negeri Terengganu (PBSNT). Ini belum sentuh premium insurans yang lewat dibayar tahun lalu.

Ini membawa kepada persoalan - wajar atau tidak jika perjalanan Liga M dikendalikan sepenuhnya satu badan bebas dianggotai ahli profesional dalam mengatur jadual perlawanan dan mengurus liga?

Atau kalau ikut perlembagaan FAM sekarang, jawatankuasa pertandingan kekal diberi kuasa menganjur dan menentukan hala tuju Liga M tetapi pengerusinya bukan seorang pemegang jawatan yang aktif di peringkat negeri?

Opsyen pertama menuntut kehadiran petugas sepenuh masa yang mencanai idea dan melaksana dasar agar liga berjalan lancar. Opsyen kedua merelakan sukarelawan untuk menentukan hidup mati liga.

Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin (yang sudi menjemput saya secara peribadi ke majlis ramah mesra dan hari keluarga di FAM Ahad lalu) setiausaha agung Persatuan Bola Sepak Selangor (FAS), sekali gus mencetus satu persepsi ada konflik kepentingan dalam merangka dasar dan membuat keputusan. Betul dan cekap macam manapun dia dalam mempengerusi mesyuarat yang menentukan peraturan Liga M, puak pembangkang luar kelompok mesyuarat mesti mahu pertikai keputusan dan sentiasa mencari kelemahan atau konflik kepentingan membabitkan Selangor.

Masih teringat zaman Datuk Redzuan Sheikh Ahmad dan Datuk Seri Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar jadi pengerusi jawatankuasa pertandingan. Memanglah timbul pelbagai isu tetapi tiada masalah typo error. Yang penting, mereka tidak pegang jawatan di peringkat negeri! Apapun, baca artikel ini. Mungkin FAM juga perlu perkasakan jabatan pertandingan agar sekretariat tidak terus-terusan menanggung persepsi negatif!

Ugutan Terengganu untuk menarik diri daripada Liga Super dan menyaman FAM pula sekadar menampakkan ada lagi puak yang kurang arif. Ketika jawatankuasa pertandingan diterajui Che Mat Jusoh, pun banyak isu timbul.

Politikus macam Ahmad Said nyata tidak faham senario bola sepak dunia, apalagi tidak diberi nasihat yang betul oleh Che Mat Jusoh dan pegawai lain. Apa mahu takut, ini bola sepak, bukan gelanggang politik. Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan! Kalau politik, sudah kena cantas. Baca ahli bersekutu boleh saman

Dalam peraturan FIFA (walaupun FIFA pun tunggang-langgang dari segi moral), proses aduan satu ahli gabungan terhadap persekutuan memakan masa panjang dan mengikut prosedur tertentu, termasuk timbang tara. Apapun, baca artikel ini

Dalam pada itu, Tan Sri Annuar Musa, pengerusi MSL Sdn Bhd, berdegar-degar mahu perubahan tetapi perkara asas seperti sepak mula perlawanan membabitkan Kelantan dengan Selangor PKNS ditangguh sehingga 9.18 malam semata-mata menunggu kehadiran Sultan Kelantan. Eh mana punya undang-undang ini? Takkan Tan Sri tengok saja dan relakan?

Dengar khabar pula Annuar dan KAFA dipulau media di Kelantan. Kasihan kawan-kawan media di Kota Bharu. Khabarnya mereka diberi layanan acuh tidak acuh. Mereka sekadar "happy" buat liputan Peter Butler dan skuad TRW saja.

Tiada siapa dapat nafikan Kelantan antara punca bola sepak Malaysia kembali meriah tetapi kejayaan itu harus diurus dengan baik dan profesional agar satu lonjakan besar dapat dilakukan.

Berbalik kepada isu FAM-Terengganu, sebenarnya, FAM silap, PBSNT pun silap. Kalau FAM tersilap tulis, mana-mana ahli gabungan tak pasti atau yakin, apa salahnya kirim SMS, telefon, hantar private message menerusi media sosial, betulkah ini tarikhnya? Bila tarikh tutup pendaftaran? Adakah dilanjutkan? Piala AFC atau Liga Super?

Untuk golongan yang menjerit mahu perubahan, kita harus jadi contoh pembawa transformasi dan bukan penghasut yang mengamalkan pendekatan populist!

Selagi FAM dikendalikan secara cacamarba sebegini, kurangnya budi bicara dan kurangnya lelaki budiman sezaman Kwok Kin Keng, Lim Kee Siong, Koe Ewe Teik dan Teoh Chye Hin (generasi facebook tak kenal empat nama ini), selagi itulah drama bola sepak Malaysia berkisar sekitar skrip yang sama. Pelakonnya dari 70-an memang berbeza tetapi perwatakan sesetengah pelakon baru kekal bersifat memperjuang kepentingan peribadi. Selagi keputusan dibuat jawatankuasa tanpa mendapat nasihat yang profesional daripada kakitangan sepenuh masa, skrip yang sama akan berulang 20 tahun dari sekarang.

Tidak lama selepas Malaysia menjulang Piala AFF, saya tulis dalam akhbar Rembat Kosmo!, akhbar yang masih berhutang dengan saya berpuluh ribu ringgit dengan jutaan alasan (harap bosnya tolong settle, tak settle adalah caranya), mengurus kejayaan. Usahlah kejayaan di peringkat serantau menyembunyikan pelbagai kelemahan dalam FAM.

Saya, seperti biasa dan tanpa jemu tetapi sekadar tersenyum sinis, menjadi penonton setia!

Yang tak pernah bosan,

Rizal Hashim
(Juri antarabangsa FIFA Ballon d'Or)

Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedasnya

Berikut adalah komen dari bekas setiausaha FAS - Abang Zulkarnain:

Salam Sdr Rizal...semoga sentiasa mendapat perlindungan Allah SWT hendaknya. Sebenarnya saya ni dah lama tidak mengikuti perkembangan semasa bolasepak tempatan, busy with my own things lately. Nevertheless...everytime surat terbuka dtgnya dari Sdr, sy seolah-olah terpanggil sama utk memberi komen or perhaps...berkongsi pendapat serta pengalaman yg tidak seberapa.

What being mentioned in ur letter, points or recommendations...depending on how ones look at it...mmg ada asasnya. Cuma sy nak tambah sikt jer...with ur permission, I hope. Pengendalian major competition such as M League bukan satu tugas yg enteng, its one hell of a BIG thing...some job that requires knowledge, experience, innovation and above all PASSION!!

 Everyone acknowledge all these elements...cuma yg bezanya; PENGIKHTIRAFAN mesti dtgnya dari penggiat mahupun penggemar bolasepak tempatan, not self proclaimed!!! This is actually what happens to our football administration & management nowadays. Semua mengaku layak!!! To be a true professional in football industry memerlukan seseorang itu bergiat secara sepenuh masa….persepsi sebegini mmg diterima pakai sekarang, cuma bezanya; keperluannya disebabkan oleh jawatan, glamour, pengaruh, imbuhan, privilege dan sebagainya…

Hakikat true professional adalah seseorang itu mesti bersedia untuk menjadikan dirinya sebagai collateral dalam memastikan tanggunjawab mampu dilaksanakan secara sempura serta mencapai matlamat. Grow with the system and be prepared utk dinilai samada dipuji atau sebaliknya. This will give an assurance that the official concern is purely subject to results oriented.

To have an independent body to runs M League is a tiny step to a better future….patut dah lama dah buat. Selagi pengurusan ni kekal kat FAM, selagi tu lah wujudnya elemen YOU SCRATCH MY BACK, I’LL SCRATCH YOURS & menjaga kepentingan certain teams will be hard to resists. Bukan itu sahaja, menjaga kepentingan pemimpin dalam FAM walaupun hakikatnya tak betul pun masalah jugak.

I raised this point over and over again during my 20 years with football, and it is not too wrong to say that I lose my job as General Secretary with Sarawak FA in year 2007 because of issue such as this. When a wrong officials being allowed to runs FAM, creating new regulations (most of the time regulations yg tak masuk akal) that they themselves failed to understand (how do we expect them to implement it?)…blame will go back to others.

 Sarawak kena potong 3 mata pada 2007 disebabkan protes yg dikemukakan oleh SU Penang FA yg juga merupakan AJK Pertandingan FAM atas alasan Sarawak menurunkan pemain import yg menyalahi peraturan FAM. Funny indeed…FAM jugak lah yg meluluskan pendaftaran pemain import yg dimaksudkan…even licence pun dah dapat skali. Inilah masalahnya, bila dia org yg tak faham peraturan yg dibuat sendiri . Too many loops hole, satu peruntukan tidak selari dgn peraturan yg lain…saya leh agak keadaan sama yg berlaku dalam isu PBNT recently.

Sdr Rizal….satu saje pesanan saya. Jangan bila dah ada pengurusan pertandingan yang berasingan, pegawai baru yang diambil/rekrut datangnya dari golongan mereka yang lebih teruk. Bercakap saje lebih…bila jumpa VVIP dialah paling ke depan, bila jumpa media dialah yg paling celoteh…kononnya FIFAlah, AFC lah…tp bila suruh buat jadual, habuk pun tak tau!!!!

Ni belum lagi nak interpret rules and regulations …apalah lagi Laws of the Game. Not even ex player can guarantee you success in football administration & management….remember what I’ve said to u back in 2007? Bitter to swallow? Na…not really…my ex-boss used to tell me, there are times when we just have to be cruel in order to be kind.

Just my 1 cent worth of comment…


Abang Zulkarnain Abang Abdurahman aka Azaar Abdurahman

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Selangor vs Sarawak - Live di RTM Sabtu ini!

CompetitionMalaysia Super League
MatchSarawak vs Selangor FC

Sarawak Form Guide

Soccer Team
Past 5 Matches Results

Prestasi semasa pasukan Sarawak. Merudum selepas 1st game
Soccer Team
PBDKT Terengganu
Kelantan FA
Felda United
Singapore Lions XII
Selangor FC
Negeri Sembilan
Johor FC
Negeri Selangor PKNS
Kuala Lumpur

Selangor FC Form Guide

Soccer Team
Past 5 Matches Results
Selangor FC
Prestasi semasa pasukan Selangor. 
  1. Di atas kertas pasukan Selangor mempunyai kelebihan bermain di gelanggang sendiri di samping mempunyai pemain kebangsaan seperti K. Gurusamy, Shafiq Rahim, Amirul Hadi serta Amri Yahyah.
  2. Berdasarkan perlawanan yang lepas, Selangor mempunyai problem yang sama dengan Sarawak. Ketumpulan di jentera serangan.
  3. Lawan Terengganu kita dapat conquer game sampei sidak berkubu di kawasan sendiri. 
  4. Sik patut lawan team Selandon kita sik dapat menang.
  5. Sama-sama makan nasik - sik ada papa sidak ya. 
  6. Player Sarawak perlu confident dengan dirik pun. Depan gol ada peluang jangan malu-malu rembat on target. 
  7. Last match lawan Terengganu dah depan gol pun agik juak nak cross. Hopefully lawan Selangor, semua player mentality dah set usaha score goal walau apa cara sekalipun.
  8. Menang game tok - next match home game kmk orang akan penuhkan stadium. 
  9. Main kacak, attack dapat score - iboh dipintak, kmk orang dikpun akan turun walau hujan lebat di stadium negeri klak.
  10. Game tok ada live di RTM TV1. Bukan saya madah tapi Hafizal Hamad (pengacara sukan TV1)

My prediction: Sarawak menang 3-0  =p


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